Our Services

In the field of Lightning protection, Earthing System & Surge Protection, we are continuously improving our skill & undertake Design, Supply, Testing & Commissioning & following detailed services.

Site Survey

Our Trained professionals will visit your site, for primary study of your project . will take input from site like drawing, length, width, Height & near property.

Risk Assessment

We have special software for calculating risk of the project & our design engineers will do further design for System.

System Design

After the Risk Assessment, our design engineers will do design the LPS / earthing System, as per standards IEC 62305, IEEE, & IS.

Proposal /BOQ/ Specification / Budgeting

After Proper design finale, with concern with Client/Consultant/ Site Engineer. Than we make the BOQ with Specification than submit the Proposal to client for Budgeting (Tendering) purpose.

Supply of Materials

We Supplies Good Quality Material As per the Standard & specification, we ensure quality of the Products, as this products used in electrical safety. We maintain enough stock of all items as per required by the site(Client) for executing installation.

Installation of System / Supervision

Main concern of the Lightning Protection System & Earthing System was proper Installation of System as per design. We have skilled supervisor & technician to execute project with proper coordination with Projects MEP team & within schedule time.

Testing / Commissioning

Testing & Commission is main part of project complication, we have to test proper installation done by our project engineer.
In The LPS system we have to check 3 points
1. Proper Installation Air terminal,
2 . Continuity testing of Down Conductor ( from Air terminal to Test Clamp).
3. Earthing pit Testing by Earth Test meter. Than we handover the system to client.

Annual Maintenance Contract LPS & Earthing System

It is very important to maintain the LPS & Earthing system in proper way than only we can utilize the system. we have check the system as per standard mainly every year have to check the system Pre Monsoon & Post Monsoon. So our team will check system, is the system was in proper continuation.

Revamping of LPS & Earthing System

We are providing revamping services for LPS & Earthing system. Our Trained professionals will visit your site and study your existing system. We provide site visit report with our comment about your existing system if possible we rectify the system or recommending for the new system.